It started with three women who were all at different places on their individual meditation journeys. We discovered that there was a need for walking meditation clothes during an advanced retreat with the badass himself, Doctor Joe Dispenza. When we researched what was out there online all we saw was lotus flowers, chakra poses, and trees. We shared that meditation for us was an empowering feeling, something that rocks your world, and takes you to other universes, it’s not cute or subtle, it’s a pretty f*cking amazing feeling. We wanted to build a community built on that – being your best, being elite, being stronger than you’ve ever been. Live it, breathe it, own it. Be your badass self, because I am, we are, and you are all Badass Meditators.
Badass Meditator™ is deeply honored to offer clothing by the Congo Clothing Company. Congo Clothing Company was founded in response to the violence women faced during the Democratic Republic of Congo’s civil wars, where rape was widely used as a weapon of war, leaving tens of thousands of sexual violence survivors in its wake. Portions of the proceeds from each purchase go towards the Panzi Foundation, an organization dedicated to caring for survivors and helping them take their lives back, and helps fund job skills training and sewing courses for these totally badass women.